The Emergence of Multinationals in Latin America

The corporate world has changed remarkably in the past ten years. New multinationals are emerging in countries including Europe, India and China, with the entire global corporate chessboard rapidly being altered.

With a population of around 640 million inhabitants, Latin America has increasingly become one of the most promising markets for enterprises and startups in 2024. The region harbors more than 300 million digital buyers, a figure forecasted to grow by more than 20 percent by 2027. 

Entrepreneur Magazine recently released its report of international enterprises expanding in the region. Below are some of its featured companies:

Founded in 2021, Prezent is a company dedicated to facilitating the creation of business presentations through its AI-based platform that combines empathy, business and design. With its platform team members can save costs and time and showcase their ideas with clear, personalized, business-friendly slides.

In Latin America, the platform has attracted the attention of clients that include large enterprises in Mexico and other countries in the region, and little by little its solution has expanded to SMEs, expanding its market that mainly included Fortune 2000 companies.

Its founder Rajat Mishra is an entrepreneur and developer who trained at one of the most demanding technology universities in India, and later came to Cisco, where he climbed to lead a team of more than 1,000 people, becoming one of the youngest senior vice presidents at the company.

Startup Foothold was founded in the United States to enable any user to invest in unique vacation properties starting at $200 dollars. It debuted with projects in Argentina and next year will increase its offerings with properties across the United States and Latin America.

The platform provides an alternative via accessible crowdfunding for those interested in the world of real estate investing.

Foothold’s mission is to make the concept of “invest and stay” possible, enabling investors to enjoy the short-term rentals they finance. The platform is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors, and seeks to solve the financing and profitability challenges facing the real estate industry in the region.

Led by Imran Aftab, its co-founder and CEO, 10Pearls is a global digital transformation company that helps businesses create transformative solutions to reimagine, digitize and accelerate their processes.

Although it began in 2004, today 10Pearls is a global business with offices in the United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan and Peru. This year its presence in Latin America expanded after acquiring the Colombian company Oiga Technologies, with an aim of enhancing 10Pearls’ capabilities in emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, in the United States and Latin America.

With over 20 years of experience in the technology sector, Imran leads the vision, strategy and growth of 10Pearls, focusing on innovation, culture and social impact.

Crescite is a company founded and led by blockchain. Through this rapidly expanding company, its Web 3.0 community has been built for religious institutions and ESG investments.

Before founding Crescite, its CEO Eddie Cullen was director of the incubator program at Fordham University and a candidate for Mayor of New York. He was also a fellow and advisor to Biden’s presidential campaign.

Finsocial is a Colombian fintech that provides digital loans for payroll.

In 2021 it was sold to a group of international investors advised by Christofferson, Robb & Company (CRC), which boosted its potential and financial capacity to expand its presence to other Latin American markets.

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Featured photo of Prezent CEO Rajat Mishra

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